Providing Private Christian Education - since 1980



We would like to help you DISCOVER why Crosspoint Academy will be your best choice for private elementary education.  We have three (3) core values which make

THE DIFFERENCE  between Crosspoint Academy and other schools.

1.    Accountability
2.    Social & Classroom Environment
3.    Spiritual Growth & Development

These three core values define our MISSION STATEMENT:

To provide Christian based elementary education that will prepare students for higher education and help students understand how they can fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

We trust you will take a few minutes and DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE between Crosspoint Academy and other schools.



1)  Do you want a school that is accountable and will keep you informed in a timely manner regarding your child’s grades and progress?

We are DIFFERENT because we have higher academic and accountability standards than most schools.  Crosspoint Academy is accountable to you the parent in ensuring that we manage the school in compliance with the Student-Parent Handbook.  In so doing we maintain a common ground of communication and expectations.

2)  Do you want a school where your child is protected at school in a safe and caring environment?

We are DIFFERENT because we highly value the self esteem of each student.  Students must have the confidence that the staff cares not only for their academic success, but their emotional and spiritual needs as well.  We maintain a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in regard to bullying & intimidation.  We teach students and demonstrate RESPECT for fellow students and authority. 

3)  Do you want a school that will identify the areas of academic and social challenges and give your child the assistance /guidance needed to experience success.

We are DIFFERENT  because we require our classrooms to be an environment conducive to learning. Our teachers do not spend their day dealing with discipline issues but they focus on teaching.  Therefore; if discipline issues arise in the classroom, Administration will manage the situation outside of the classroom.  By removing the distractions the teacher can teach and the students are able to focus and concentrate.

When students receive the one-on-one attention they need academically, it enables them to accomplish more during school hours.  Our goal is for each student to complete their daily assignments at school.  By completing their assignments at school, it eliminates hours of homework in the evenings.  Evenings can be spent on studying and can give the family time to relax and participate in other activities. 

Our staff is also proactive in giving students guidance in regard to social behavior.  Healthy social interaction guided by scripture helps students understand themselves and how God desires for mankind to live at peace with their fellowman.  All students are treated with mutual respect regardless of their social status.

Come and experience THE  DIFFERENCE.